What is Spandex?


Elastine or Spandex is a synthetic fibre is well known for its great elasticity, invented in 1959 by chemist Joseph Shivers, who worked for the company DuPont.

Lycra is a registered trademark by the company DuPont in 1958 for a fabric made from a synthetic material with elastic properties of the type known generically or spandex fibers elastomeric.


When first introduced, revolutionized many areas of the textile industry. Today it is used mostly in sport thanks to their flexibility and lightness. This is a very long polymer chain, formed at least 85% of segmented polyurethane (Spandex); obtaining continuous filament that can be multifilament or monofilament.


The Lycra is commonly used to manufacture underwear, feminine clothes, socks and mainly for sportswear, and that thanks to its elastic properties freedom of movement granted to athletes who use it.

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